Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pet Day

What great excitement today.
We came with our saucers and flowers, 
our vegetables and toothpicks ready to get creative.
First we worked on our sand saucers.

We shared foliage, flowers and good ideas. 
That's the Ashley way.
Next it was time to make our vegetable creatures.

Arabella followed her plan with care.

Tushil's kiwi looked fantastic.

Fern's cat even had a mouse made from an avocado.

Saoirse made a cool duck.

Check out Maisie's sheep. Very clever!

After lunch it was time to judge the pets.

Olivia's real lamb is loved by all her family.
Lots of dogs were on show too.

Matthew and Star.

Hunter handles his dog well.

Lucy cares for her dog.

We hope Jack's chickens liked being at school.
He kept them in the shade.

At the end of this exciting and hot day we needed to have a rest.

We tried out the cushions that Fifi covered.
Fifi is Fern's lovely Nana who also made
 our Pukeko wings for our production in July.
Thanks for helping us again.

What a marvelous day. 
A huge thank you to Mrs Tipping and Mrs O'Loughlin
for organizing this event.

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  1. You are so creative Room 6! Thank you for sharing your pets with us today ! Mrs O'Loughlin