Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Pigeon and more...

              Mo Willems writes great stories about the Pigeon.
Today we laughed when we heard about him wanting to drive the bus!
Well we told him no!
 He was persistent and pushy.
Then he was silly and sad.
We learnt how to draw him too.

He was so loud about wanting to drive the bus and then he got a bit bossy.
We know he was disappointed but we told him that Pigeons DO NOT drive buses.

We like to write too.
Whenever we get a chance we choose to write on the whiteboards.

Lesley Ottey was at school this week.
When she visits she talks to us about recycling.
After the holidays we are going to make special stakes to go into our garden.
Outside our class we have an area that we find hard to grow things in.
Lesley had the idea to put in our colourful stakes there.

We will thread bottle tops onto bamboo.
We will create patterns with the tops.

Over the next few weeks we ask that you save any plastic tops for us.

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